WGBH: How Little Vermont Got Big Food Companies To Label GMOs

March 27, 2016 By Dab Charles Full Article & Audio You’ll soon know whether many of the packaged foods you buy contain ingredients derived from genetically modified plants, such as soybeans and corn. Over the past week or so, big companies including General Mills, Mars and Kellogg have announced plans to label such products – Continue Reading

The Alternative Daily: General Mills To Label All GMO Products In US

By Tanya Rakhmilevich 4/1/16 Full Article The voices of those who want GMOs clearly labeled on all food products are being heard! While there is still no federal law mandating GMO labeling, large companies are beginning to respond to consumer demands and voluntarily labeling their products. The latest company to do this is General Mills. Continue Reading

VT Digger: General Mills to label GMO foods

Mar. 19, 2016 by Anne Galloway Full Article General Mills, one of the nation’s largest food manufacturers, announced Friday it will begin labeling products with genetically engineered ingredients in order to comply with a Vermont law. The announcement was made just two days after the defeat of a Senate bill that would have blocked Vermont Continue Reading