Cat Buxton

Jeannie Bartlett, Burlington

Jeannie Bartlett grew up among the rocky hill-farms of western Massachusetts, and connecting to the people and the land who grow her food has always been a grounding focus for her. While a student at Middlebury College she lived in the local foods interest house and campaigned for the college's divestment from fossil fuels - a campaign which succeeded in 2019! Since 2016 she has managed the Franklin County Conservation District, where she focuses on outreach to small farms in Franklin County about programs that can improve their level of environmental stewardship and their financial viability. Jeannie also serves on the leadership team of the Vermont Young Farmers Coalition - though she is not a farmer herself. She lives in Burlington and enjoys a backyard bursting with berries and fruit trees.

Elena Gustavson

Sue Buckholz, West Hartford

Sue Buckholz is an attorney, mostly in private practice since June 1995, focusing on family, mediation and probate. Sue worked for the Prisoners’ Rights Division, Vermont Defender General's Office in the late 1990’s, and was a GAL for five years prior to passing the Bar. She recently spent two years in the Vermont Legislature representing Windsor-4-1 District and was a member of the Agriculture/Forestry committee.

Sue is from New Haven, Connecticut, graduated from Yale College in May 1977 and, after one year at B.U. School of Law, spent ten years rousing the rabble as a community organizer and travelling and living in the UK where she worked as a cook and caterer. 

Sue is married to Jim Dow.  They live on part of the land on which Jim grew up in West Hartford where they raise Jersey steer and enjoy chasing their grandsons around the dooryard.

John Lomachinsky

Keith Drinkwine, Flatlander Farm, Starksboro

Keith Drinkwine is a first generation farmer who, along with Lisa Drinkwine, run Flatlander Farm since 2013 in Starksboro, Vermont. They specialize in pasture raised, slow growing chicken, pastured duck for meat and eggs. They also maintain a small meat goat herd. Keith also works as the Purchasing Manager for the Intervale Food Hub at the Intervale Center working closely with farmers and food vendors of all types and size

Derek O'Toole

Meredith Niles, Lincoln

Meredith is an assistant professor of food systems and policy at The University of Vermont where she teaches food policy and food systems science. Meredith’s research focuses on farmer’s adoption of sustainable practices and methods, food security and climate change, and food waste prevention. She has a long history of working directly with farmers and farm organizations in her research, which spans from Vermont to New Zealand, and is passionate about making her research publicly available and useful. Prior to her academic career, Meredith worked for several non-profits and in the federal government. Meredith grew up in a rural part of Maryland surrounded by farms and agriculture, but is now happy to call Lincoln, Vermont home where she lives with her woodworking husband Rob, their baby daughter Suvi, and dog Finn.

Meghan Stotko

Ryan and Rachel Yoder, Yoder Farm, Danby

Ryan and Rachel Yoder farm in Danby, VT, with their two children Asa and Taurin. Rachel grew up in Middletown Springs, VT and Ryan in Nepal, Asia. They started the farm business nine years ago to increase the diversity of nutritious calories available locally and create a means to deescalate the ecological crisis. To that end they grow popcorn, dry beans, chickens and wild apples, in addition to vegetables and berries, while learning methods for sequestering carbon in soil and biomass. They are excited to have the opportunity to join an organization that has a track record of making it easier for people to "do the right thing".

Chris Wood

Julie Wolcott, Green Wind Farm, Fairfield

Julie farms  with her partner, Stephen MacCausland and family in Fairfield. After 40 years of grazing and milking cows, Green Wind Farm will be transferring ownership of their Jersey cattle as well as leasing the dairy barn and 50 acres to their young neighbors. John and Cassie Tiffany so they may start their farming careers with working systems, a contract with Stonyfield Organic and a live-in mentor (Julie).  Maple syrup is produced and sold retail, wholesale and in bulk to Pumpkin Village Foods (Son Seth’s distribution business). To preserve farms and soils for future generations, small farm sustainability and soil health improvement are strong motivators. 

Julie is actively involved in numerous Fairfield community and school organizations. She puts time into supporting Franklin County Dairy Promotion’s activities and state wide Dairy in the Classroom programming. Regionally, Julie helps to facilitate strong, working relationships between farms, farmers and schools.

Julie has served on the Fairfield School Board, as a District 6 Environmental Commission Member, on the Vermont Natural Resource Council Board and as a member of the Vermont Council on Rural Development’s Agriculture Viability Council. 

The following current Board members are up for re-election in 2019:

Cat Buxton
Meghan Stotko
Chris Wood
Nick Zigelbaum