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GMO Public Hearing: Song Testimony

Listen to “Ill-Fated Winds” performed by Shane Bowley and Janice Russotti at the GMO Labeling Public Hearing to the Senate Agriculture and Judiciary Committees on February 6, 2014.

The Hill: Food industry launches GMO push

February 06, 2014 By Ben Goad Full Article Major players in the American food industry formally launched an effort Thursday to head off regulations requiring labels on genetically engineered foods through the creation of a set of less restrictive federal standards. The push for voluntary federal labeling standards, first reported by The Hill in November, Continue Reading

Senate Ag Committee Approves GMO Labeling Bill 4-1

Following a packed public hearing in the House Chamber the night before, the members of the Senate Agriculture Committee met Friday 2/7 to review proposed changes to H.112, the GMO Labeling Bill. They then passed the bill by a vote of 4-1 with no trigger clause to impact the effective date of the bill. The Continue Reading

WCAX: Vt. lawmakers, public, weigh in on GMO bill

Feb 07, 2014 By Ali Freeman Full Article and Video MONTPELIER, Vt. -Would you know if you were eating genetically modified food? Many Vermonters say they want laws passed to require companies to disclose when they use technology to alter their products. Potatoes, potato chips, milk, fruits, veggies and more GMO’s can be found everywhere. Continue Reading