Fortune Magazine: Inside China’s $43 Billion Bid for Food Security

Geoff Colvin April 21, 2017 The worst famine in human history occurred in China from 1959 to 1961. An estimated 34 million people starved to death. The horrors were beyond imagining—the elderly and disabled left to perish because they couldn’t work; murder and cannibalism within families. Hundreds of millions of Chinese people today, including most Continue Reading

POLITICO’s – Morning Ag: Perdue’s Genetically Modified Rulemaking

Jason Huffman | 04/14/2017 10:00 AM EDT With help from Jenny Hopkinson, Helena Bottemiller Evich, Esther Whieldon and Adam Behsudi PERDUE’S GENETICALLY MODIFIED RULEMAKING: Should Sonny Perdue be confirmed as the next secretary of Agriculture, it will fall to him to end the biggest food fight of the past several years: GMO labeling. Congress passed Continue Reading

Des Moines Register: Sorry, your farm isn’t a farm.

April 13, 2017 . Donnelle Eller The land Steven Smith lives on has been farmed for more than 125 years. It’s less than 10 acres, but Smith grows alfalfa and usually raises some cattle when prices are higher. But earlier this month, the Wright County assessor notified Smith and about 70 other property owners that their small Continue Reading

Huffington Post: Peasants, Science, and Climate Change

April 11, 2017 . Eric Holt-Gimenez On April 17th peasant organizations around the world will celebrate the Day of Peasant Struggle. Five days later, on the 22nd of April—Earth Day—scientists from around the world will March for Science. What? Aren’t peasants simply a backwards class destined to disappear in the face of technological progress? And Continue Reading

Huffington Post: USDA Drops Plan to Test for Monsanto Weed Killer in Food

March 23, 2007 By: Carey Gillam The U.S. Department of Agriculture has quietly dropped a plan to start testing food for residues of glyphosate, the world’s most widely used weed killer and the key ingredient in Monsanto Co.’s branded Roundup herbicides. The agency spent the last year coordinating with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Continue Reading