The Herald Bulletin: Red Gold ousts most GMOs, liner chemical

Many believe genetically modified organisms aren’t safe By Christopher Stephens 5/1/16 Full Article ELWOOD — In an effort to make its products as safe as possible, Elwood-based Red Gold says it won’t use plant products that contain genetically modified organisms, nor will it use industrial chemical BPA in the lining of its cans. Of the Continue Reading

AE Digital: Think a Solar-Powered Future is Impossible? This Breakfast Suggests Otherwise

5/4/16 Alex EpsteinFull Article Breakfast Time–Solar Style Williston, VT – AllEarth Renewables, a Vermont company which manufactures solar energy trackers that “follow the sun,” released a graphic titled “A Complete Breakfast Powered by Solar,” showcasing several of Vermont’s artisan food producers who use AllEarth’s solar trackers for 100% of their business’ energy needs. Everything on the plate, and I Continue Reading

The Reader: GMO Shell Game

Monsanto takes an alias 5/3/16 by Michael Braunstein Full Article “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” the Bard proclaimed. By that logic and at the other end of the spectrum, a pile of crap is still a pile of crap. That holds especially true for Monsanto and GMOs. Just a couple Continue Reading

The Commons: A plant with purpose

By Emily Peyton 5/4/16 All the attention is focused on marijuana policy reform, but its cousin, hemp, shines with promise for applications in sustainable building and numerous other beneficial applications Full Article Much media ado about marijuana reminds me of media coverage of Donald Trump’s opponents: Hemp is a more worthy candidate for our attention, Continue Reading

NPR: The Gospel According To Wendell Berry, On Screen

By Dan Charles April 24, 2016 Full Article When Laura Dunn decided to make a film about America’s foremost farmer-philosopher, Wendell Berry, she ran into one significant complication: He was willing to be interviewed, but he didn’t want to go on-camera. Berry, an old-fashioned man to his core, believes that experiencing the world through computer Continue Reading

Times Argus: Vermont’s dairy industry struggles with national rates

April 17,2016 By Dan Colton Full Article After decades of marginalization and struggling to make ends meet, new legislation introduced by Congress aims to help Northeastern dairy farmers. In Vermont, where the bucolic landscape and culture are revered, dairy is the agricultural top dog. The state’s Agency of Agriculture said dairy generates $2.2 billion for Continue Reading