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rural vermontOur membership is made up of people who believe farmers should get a fair price for their products, who care about the health of the environment and their communities, and who recognize the connection between vibrant, flourishing communities and successful farms. Through member support we are able to amplify the voices of family farmers and reestablish a local system of agriculture in Vermont that promotes sustainability, healthy communities and thriving farms. Our members make this all possible.

Become a member today and join the only organization working to remove the regulatory barriers that limit farmers’ ability to produce and their customers’ ability to buy the food they want to feed themselves and their families. Rural Vermont plays a critical and unique role within the local food movement. Help us grow stronger and more resilient community-based food systems!

Rural Vermont membership is sliding-scale, and you can join for any amount that fits your budget (average dues are $50, most gifts are around $25). If you want to be on our contact list, but are not ready to commit to paying dues yet, please sign up on our online mailing list.

You can join Rural Vermont by calling us with credit card information, sending a check to the address on the bottom of this page, or making a donation online.

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