Vermonters Feeding Vermonters: Local Food Sovereignty Campaign

“We declare the right of communities to produce, process, sell and purchase local foods. In recognition of Vermont’s traditional agricultural systems, we assert these vital principles as the foundation of local Food Sovereignty.”


Since the founding of Vermont in 1777, the tradition of local agriculture has been a mainstay that has supported generations of Vermont farmers and communities.  Long before multi-national companies shipped tomatoes and lettuce from as far as California, Mexico or Asia, Vermonters employed a food system that was based on community and intimate connections between farmers and their neighbors.  Vermont towns were built upon the ability of individuals to produce and procure food for themselves or from their neighbors.  With the advent of modern industry, this community-based food system has been forced underground and in many places largely destroyed.   It is for this reason that we must declare our local Food Sovereignty.


What is Food Sovereignty?

Food Sovereignty is about embracing the traditions of our rural heritage and growing the vibrant local food systems that have existed in Vermont for hundreds of years.  Food Sovereignty is a rejection of the industry-controlled system of agriculture that has made us largely reliant on corporations whose loyalties are to shareholders and not local communities.  Food Sovereignty is restoring balance to our agricultural system and developing solidarity and unity between farmers and communities.  Food Sovereignty is reclaiming our rural heritage and declaring the right of communities to produce, process, sell and purchase local foods.


Get Involved

Rural Vermont successfully organized eight communities to pass Local Food Sovereignty Resolutions on Town Meeting Day in 2012 as a tool to acknowledge and validate Vermont’s community-based food systems.  Read the celebratory press release. For more information, call the Rural Vermont office at 802-223-7222.



Vermonters Feeding Vermonters Campaign Petitions:



The listings below are for informational purposes only. Rural Vermont’s Vermonters Feeding Vermonters campaign is not directly affiliated with the following campaigns. All decisions for Rural Vermont’s town-by-town campaign are made in Vermont.

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