The National Animal Identification System was a federal plan to ear-tag and track the movements of every domestic livestock animal in the United States by 2009. In 2006, the State of Vermont proposed implementing Phase 1 of this plan (called Premises ID). With the help of Rural Vermont and numerous active farmers and farm supporters, this implementation did not happen. In early 2010, the USDA dropped their plans to implement NAIS.

Five reasons Rural Vermont opposed Animal ID

Animal ID:
1) would not have stopped the spread of Avian Flu and other animal diseases.
2) threatened small family farmers and thriving local food markets.
3) was created by the agribusiness industry and would have been costly and ineffective.
4) would have been an invasion of personal privacy.
5) would have made it more difficult to buy and sell farm fresh products.

Local Agriculture offers the best and safest identification and traceback system there is: know who grows and raises your food! True food security comes from locally grown food!


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