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September 2015 Notice to Poultry Producers: Important information on Avian Influenza from the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food, and Markets.

Chicken Bill 2.0 – H.52

In the 2015 legislative session, work continues on refining the details of a new poultry bill introduced by Rep. Patti Komline from Dorset, with help from Mara Hearst and Eben Proft of Someday Farm, to expand access to fresh, wholesome farm-raised and processed poultry.

Late in the 2015 legislative session, H.52 was finally taken up by the House Ag. Cmte, which heard thoughtful testimony from Rural Vermont Board Member John Lomachinsky of Springmore Farm in Baltimore, VT. It was clear from the probing questions of the committee members that this is an issue they are willing to work on next session. Rural Vermont will be reaching out to farmers and “eaters” throughout the summer and fall to build support for an expansion of access to farm-fresh poultry.

Read the current version version of the H.52.

What the new bill would do

The new poultry bill would expand the quantity of birds that could be processed on the farm without state or federal inspection. The bill also proposes that the “second tier” quantity of on-farm processing without inspection would be set at 10,000 birds, and the opportunity to sell birds at retail markets and in parts & pieces.

The bill has been introduced to the House Ag Committee but they have yet to take it up.

Get Involved

If you support providing increased economic opportunity for farmers and local markets as well as expanding access to farm fresh poultry for Vermont “eaters,” you can help by filling out this short questionnaire put together by Rural Vermont. All information is held strictly confidential. To ensure this bill most effectively addresses the needs of poultry producers AND consumers,  we need your input. Please provide your feedback today.


Poultry Campaign History

There has been growing consumer demand for locally produced poultry since 2007 when Rural Vermont was the lead advocate for the “chicken bill,” which expanded market opportunities for farmers utilizing the 1000 birds or less exemption from inspection requirements.

Since enacted into law in 2007, the “Chicken Bill” allows small-scale poultry producers to process their birds on the farm (without state or federal inspection) and sell these birds at farmers’ markets or to local restaurants.


  • Download a factsheet on the 2007 bill here.
  • Download the final version of H522, enacted in 2007 (pdf)
  • Download our 2007 handout for “Understanding the Poultry Processing Provision for Bill H522” here.
  • Download a booklet on processing and selling poultry in Vermont here. (Updated March, 2013)
  • View the Department of Health’s list of restaurants that are selling uninspected poultry and the farms from which they source here. (Note: updated September 2013. Don’t see your favorite restaurant listed? Ask them if they know about the “Chicken Bill” and contact Rural Vermont if you’d like supporting materials to help increase awareness about and access to farm fresh poultry!)

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