NY Daily News: Rural families rely more on food stamps than those in large cities

Ginger Adams Otis
August 2, 2017

Rural Americans are increasingly reliant on food stamps to make ends meet each month — and their usage outstrips that of urban residents, a new study found.

Nationally, food stamp participation is highest overall among households in rural areas (16%) and small towns (16%) compared to metro counties (13%).

In 23% of rural counties, at least 20% of households participate in the federally funded Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, meaning they get monthly food stamps to help them purchase certain types of food.

The new report from the Food Research and Action Center is based on data from 2011 to 2015.

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“No community in America is immune to hunger, but rural and small town areas are especially hard hit,” Jim Weill, president of FRAC, said in a press release announcing the findings.

The majority of families reliant on SNAP also have at least one working member — and in some cases there are two or more people working in a family that still needs government assistance to get enough food on the table.

More than three-quarters of families on the assistance program had at least one working member in the past 12 months, FRAC said.