Our Vision is for a Vermont local food system which is self-reliant and based on reverence for the earth. It builds living soils which nurture animals and people with wholesome, natural products supporting healthy, thriving farms and communities. These communities in turn work to encourage and support current and future farmers, continuing our Vermont heritage. This abundant and generous way of life celebrates our diversity and interdependence.

Rural Vermont is continuously listening to and connecting with their member base by way of the superb educational and outreach events that they sponsor throughout the year, as well through the regular newsletter updates that are not only packed with pertinent info and calls to action, but a delight to read. If you care about the food that you eat, the folks that produce it, the future of rural communities in Vermont, and ultimately a better world, we hope you will join us today and make your year-end contribution to support this vital organization and the significant work that they are doing.
— Meg Lucas and Barbi Schreiber