VPR: Montpelier Butchery Revives A Neighborhood Tradition

May 22, 2017

Beau Butchery and Bar, which opened in Montpelier in December, is yet another example of the growth of the local food movement. It’s also an effort to recapture the tradition of the neighborhood butcher shop.

The stainless steel slicing machine hums away under the music. Next to it, two deli cases display rosy cuts of fresh beef, plump pasture-raised whole chickens and richly marbled curried squash pork sausage.

A lot of time is spent passing out freshly sliced samples to customers. For such a small space, there’s much to sample.

Co-owner Jules Guillemette points through the deli case glass and lists some of what Beau Butchery and Bar has to offer: “Smoked sausages, ham hocks, duck leg confit, smoked rib. That’s southern fried right there.”

The raw meat, mostly brought in as whole animals or sides from local farms, is butchered at Beau.

Beef comes from LaPlatte River Angus Farm in Shelburne. The pork is from Snug Valley Farm in Hardwick. There’s chicken raised at Maple Wind Farm in Huntington and turkey from Stonewood Farm in Orwell.

In addition to selling cuts of raw meat, Beau offers its own products — smoked, brined and made on the premises by Guillemette, including sausages, pates, roast turkey, corned beef, pastrami and deli meats.

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