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04/23 Breaking News: GMO Bill Goes to Governor!

State House Applause04/23: Vermont legislature passes the nation’s first “no strings attached” GMO labeling bill! The House of Representatives voted 114 to 30 to concur with the Senate’s version of H.112, and the bill now heads to Governor Shumlin’s desk for his signature. Call Governor Shumlin at 802-828-3333 and ask him to sign H.112! More details on this page.



04/23: Raw Milk Delivery Bill (S.70) Heads to the House Floor

The House Agriculture Committee voted 4/22 to pass S.70 with amendments and send it to the floor of the House on Thursday, 4/24. You can read the Committee’s amended version of S.70 here.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please call the State House right away: 828-2228

Leave a message for your Representative with the following information: Your name, town, phone number and the message: Please vote YES on S.70, the raw milk delivery bill as amended by the House Agriculture Committee. More details on the amended version of S.70 here.

04/22 Milk Campaign Update

Over the past three weeks the House Agriculture and Forest Products Committee has heard extensive testimony both for and against expanding access to raw milk through a bill which passed the Senate last year – S.70. You can read much of the testimony that has been presented here. 

Rural Vermont members have told the Ag. Committee that comprehensive reform rather than piecemeal improvements of the raw milk law are needed to provide meaningful benefits to more farmers and their customers.  Read more here.

Rural Vermont Board Member Tamara Martin, with farmers Rich Larson and Ryan Hayes waiting to testify to the House Ag. Committee 4/15/14


Raw Milk Advocates are Being Heard

Art Credit: Phil Herbison

Art Credit: Phil Herbison


The House Agriculture and Forest Products Committee began taking testimony on Rural Vermont’s proposed improvements to the Raw Milk Law on Wednesday 4/2/14.

This Thursday, 4/10, the Committee will hear more testimony. Rural Vermont is organizing producers, customers, health professionals and scientists to testify in support of our recommendations – you can see them in the 2014 Raw Milk Report. Read more…