GMO Labeling Public Hearing

hammer_lawThe hearing will take place on Wednesday, February 4, 2015, from 5 – 6pm in Room 10 at the State House in Montpelier. Additionally, the Attorney General has extended the deadline for submitting written comments on the rule by two weeks to Thursday, February 12, 2015.

There is a variety of additional information from the Attorney General’s office available here.

We encourage anyone, who is interested in helping to ensure that our GMO Food Labeling law is implemented effectively, to either attend this hearing or submit your comments to before the Feb. 12 deadline.


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Also, plan to visit the VT Right to Know booth at the 2015 NOFA-VT Winter Conference, Feb. 14-15 in Burlington.

Meet Susan & Ryan Hayes

Susan & Ryan Hayes. Photo credit: 7 Days

Susan & Ryan Hayes. Photo credit: 7 Days

They own the Farm of Milk & Honey, a small, grass-based, organically managed raw milk micro-dairy in Washington, and they are Rural Vermont members.

“We often reach out to our friends at Rural Vermont for advice and ideas. As the year was coming to an end, we reflected on how integral they have become to our farm and our business.

Their advocacy around raw milk and other key issues of importance to us (like on-farm slaughter & GMO labeling) has brought about real change in the state. And through their work, they have cultivated a community of committed producers and consumers who collaborate to address common challenges.

Rural Vermont is an inspiring, passionate group of people who are helping to sustain Vermont’s agricultural landscape and we are so lucky to have them as friends, supporters, and advocates. We urge you to become a member or make your special contribution today!

Want to see more real change? Join the Hayes and become part of Rural Vermont’s growing community of producers and consumers by making your special contribution to Rural Vermont today.

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Federal District Court GMO Labeling Hearings

hammer_lawOn Wednesday January 7th the Federal District Court in Burlington heard the first oral arguments on Vermont’s landmark GMO labeling law. The arguments will center on the State’s Motion to Dismiss the lawsuit, and the Plaintiffs’ request to stop implementation of the law.

Find all the latest legal documents in the case to label GMOs.

After the oral arguments, the Judge will deliberate and issue a decision, probably within the next few months.  More updates at

Give the Gift of Rural Vermont!

gift tagDo you have a friend, family member, colleague, neighbor or local farmer you want to celebrate in a meaningful and socially responsible way?  Give a Rural Vermont gift in honor of someone who shares the belief that family farms and the real food that they provide are the foundation of healthy communities and the social and environmental sustainability we all need to thrive.

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