Save the date! Rural Vermont’s Annual Meeting & Celebration Oct 24th


Meet Rural Vermont’s 2017-19 Board Candidates!

We’re thrilled to be welcoming a self-described microbe geek, a savvy supporter of the food & farm sector, a livestock farming duo with previous lives in science & social media, a full-circle and teamster farmer, a farmer who is growing veggies and community in the Northeast Kingdom, and one of Rural Vermont’s founders.
Read more about our candidates here and join us at our Annual Meeting on Oct 24th to meet them, vote them into office, and welcome them to our community!

We made it!

We’ve wrapped up our summer fundraising drive and want to extend a huge thanks to each and every one of the 219 supporters who pitched in. Now let’s dig in!

Changes to the “chicken bill”!

In the 2017 legislative session, an amendment was passed to the original “chicken bill” that Rural Vermont successfully advocated for a decade ago. These recent changes are significantly expanding opportunities for farmers to produce, process and sell poultry from the farm without inspection.

Bill Pearce of Hillside Farm in W. Glover is among the poultry producers taking advantage of this new law!

The new law both preserves the existing 1,000 bird exemption and provides two additional levels of on-farm production, processing and sale of poultry without inspection: a 5,000-bird exemption and a 20,000-bird exemption. Each additional level of production carries additional requirements related to the processes and facilities used for production.

 If you are taking advantage of the law or considering it, please let us know. And as always, be in touch with questions or concerns. Contact Graham or
call the Rural Vermont office at 802-223-7222.

Farm to Ballet–Dancin’ in the NEK!

Folks from the Northeast Kingdom and beyond gathered on a beautiful summer’s night for Farm to Ballet’s first performance in the neighborhood. The atmosphere was festive, the food was killer, the performance was magic, and the scenery was awe-inspiring. Thanks to everyone who came and everyone who made it possible.

And especially, our thanks to Meghan and Andy at Heartwood Farm for hosting, Farm to Ballet for dancing, and many stellar volunteers for helping the night run smoothly!

For more pictures, check out the event album, Here