What Does Membership to Rural Vermont Mean?

In short, membership to Rural Vermont is a vote for a future in which Rural Vermont’s vision becomes a reality. It is a vote for an equitable local food system that benefits all Vermonters, along with a vibrant working landscape that supports generations to come. It is a vote for our efforts to advocate on behalf of Vermont farmers and the consumers who depend on them, and for our work to build resilient coalitions of related organizations and engaged individuals. But perhaps more than anything, membership to Rural Vermont means that you are one of the many who believe that this state is stronger and more vibrant when all Vermonters have equal opportunity to live in deep connection to one another and to the land that nourishes us all.

What Are the Benefits to Rural Vermont Membership?

  • Voting rights at annual meeting

  • Free or discounted admission to many events and social gatherings

  • Stipends for attendance to many events and State House opportunities

  • Direct access to all resources at our disposal

  • A voice in our decision-making process around specific campaigns

  • Our enduring gratitude and perhaps the occasional fist bump

Why Does Rural Vermont Need You as a Member?

Like all member-based organizations, Rural Vermont’s influence and capacity to carry out our work correlates directly to the strength of our membership. Part of this strength comes from membership dues, which comprise a significant portion of our modest annual budget. But equally, this strength derives from the simple fact that your membership means that your voice is added to the chorus of Vermonters (and a growing number of non-Vermonters) calling for the on-going resurgence of community-scale agriculture, for living soils and healthy humans, and for a vibrant working landscape that delivers vitality to all. Less visibly (but no less important), our members are a wellspring of morale support for our small, hardworking staff.


 Base membership to Rural Vermont is $35 per year. All are welcome to support us at a higher level; smaller donations are also welcome, but do not confer membership status. Dues can be paid annually in one lump sum or spread across the year with automated monthly payments. More info about automated giving is here.

To maintain accessibility for all, Rural Vermont also offers a “Working Member” program, whereby membership is offered in exchange for three working hours per year. To learn more and sign up, please contact Shelby@ruralvermont.org.

 If you want to join Rural Vermont but prefer not to pay your dues online, you can call the office (802-223-7222) with a credit card or mail a check to:

Rural Vermont
46 East State St
Montpelier, VT 05602

I want the food we eat in Vermont to care for our land, farmers, farmworkers, and communities, which is why I spend my school’s summer vacations farming and winter vacations doing phone calls for Rural Vermont. As a college student, being a Working Member has given me the flexibility to stay involved and support Rural Vermont, even if I don’t have the resources to donate.
— Marya Merriam, previous Intern & current Working Member, Brookfield