Real Food. Real Farms. Real Change.

Who We Are

We are Vermont’s community of family farmers, neighbors and citizens committed to supporting and cultivating a vital and healthy rural economy and community. We believe family farms and the local food that they provide are at the heart of thriving communities and environmental sustainability. Economic justice for family farmers is the foundation of a healthy rural economy. Towards this end we strive for fair prices for farmers and we work to counter corporate consolidation of agriculture and the food supply.

What We Do

ACTIVATE our Farm Policy Network, which is a group of Vermonters actively engaged in the democratic process and committed to preserving our rural heritage and promoting local food systems.

EDUCATE by providing information and resources to farmers and the public about issues impacting our rural communities.

ADVOCATE through collaborative efforts locally, statewide, and nationally to ensure that policies made will strengthen family farms, sustain rural communities, and promote local food sovereignty.

Vermonters Feeding Vermonters

Over the years, Rural Vermont’s advocacy work has strengthened rural communities by helping farmers increase their profits while providing farm fresh foods to local folks. We’re making progress, but there is still much to do! Farmers across Vermont are producing value-added food with dignity that consumers want to buy and farmers want to sell, but in many cases, these farm fresh products become illegal when the farmer puts a price tag on them because they were made under conditions that don’t satisfy the prohibitively expensive, time-consuming regulations designed for industry. We believe that farmers and consumers should have the right to engage in informed and honest transactions!

Rural Vermont seeks to:

  • Educate consumers about barriers that farmers face when trying to sell direct, and educate farmers about legalities of selling direct to consumers.

  • Remove unfair and costly regulatory barriers that keep wholesome, high quality, local food from being sold to those who want it.

  • Advocate for legislation that creates tiered regulations for the direct sale of farm products, leveling the playing field for farms large and small.



Rural Vermont advocates for the values and realities that reflect why, after so many decades we continue to live in and LOVE Vermont. Phil and I can’t imagine living in a world where we didn’t know the amazing farmers, some as friends and neighbors, whose passions feed body and soul. The access we have to healthy food, sprouted from clean soils and humanely raised animal is, in my opinion a direct result of Rural Vermont’s efforts…and has made our being a monthly contributing family an act of extreme gratitude!
— Donna & Phil Reback, Stowe VT