Why are YOU a Rural Vermont Supporter?

Meet Hadley Stock

Hadley Stock

She owns Pink Boot Farm with her husband and two daughters; she owns Farm Store, a market in Manchester that showcases local foods; and she is a Rural Vermont member.

“Rural Vermont is an amazing organization working with, and for, Vermont farmers and eaters to help make farm to table eating more possible for all of us. There are lots of laws out there that make it nearly impossible to get amazing local food on your tables. Rural Vermont goes to bat for us to help make these laws more reasonable so we can all enjoy the bounty this amazing state has to offer without breaking the law… Please take a minute to check out what they are all about and if you feel strongly about this stuff, make your contribution to Rural Vermont today. Every bit helps these guys keep doing what they do, so people like me can keep doing what I do!”

Join Hadley and make your Rural Vermont contribution today in support of common-sense, scale-appropriate public policy that creates economic opportunity for farmers and food choice and access for consumers.

Meet Susan and Ryan Hayes

Susan and Ryan Hayes

Susan & Ryan Hayes. Photo credit: 7 Days

They own the Farm of Milk & Honey, a small, grass-based, organically managed raw milk micro-dairy in Hyde Park, and they are Rural Vermont members.

“We often reach out to our friends at Rural Vermont for advice and ideas. As the year was coming to an end, we reflected on how integral they have become to our farm and our business.

Their advocacy around raw milk and other key issues of importance to us (like on-farm slaughter & GMO labeling) has brought about real change in the state. And through their work, they have cultivated a community of committed producers and consumers who collaborate to address common challenges.

Rural Vermont is an inspiring, passionate group of people who are helping to sustain Vermont’s agricultural landscape and we are so lucky to have them as friends, supporters, and advocates. We urge you to become a member or make your special contribution today!

Want to see more real change? Join the Hayes and become part of Rural Vermont’s growing community of producers and consumers by making your special contribution to Rural Vermont today.

Meet Susan Ritz

Susan Ritz

Susan Ritz

She writes, teaches writing, and cheers on many wonderful organizations in Central Vermont, including Rural Vermont.

I’ve been an enthusiastic member of Rural Vermont for more than 15 years. I’ve seen Rural Vermont grow and change along with the needs of the farmers who rely on it to be their advocate inside the Capitol and further afield. I’ve benefitted from their work to bring farm fresh food directly to my plate … creating markets for Vermont farmers.

I really believe that Rural Vermont is a big reason Vermont is seeing an increase in the number of its farms for the first time in decades. This has all happened because Rural Vermont listens to its members and constituents, then goes to bat for them. I’m proud that my annual donation helps make this happen. Join me in supporting this hardworking organization.”

Read more about Susan’s perspective on Rural Vermont’s evolution over the many years she has been a member.

Join Susan and make your contribution today and support the grassroots approach that makes Rural Vermont both unique and effective in its work to cultivate a prosperous land-based economy and rich community life.

Meet Carl Russell

Carl Russell

With his family, he owns and operates Earthwise Farm & Forest in Bethel, and has been active with Rural Vermont for half its lifetime (15 years!). Carl was the former Chair of the Rural Vermont Board of Directors, and shared a seat with his wife, Lisa McCrory.

Rural Vermont works to restore economic prosperity and social justice in Vermont’s rural land-based economy. These efforts support prudent use of our rural lands, and the subsequent delivery of ecological goods and services to all Vermonters.

Ecological goods and services such as clean air, abundant fresh water, enlivened soils, and attractive landscapes are produced from healthy ecosystems.

Throughout the hills of Vermont, there are small and medium sized farms and forestry enterprises providing ecological goods and services through good stewardship practices. Most do not compete on a regional scale, and many depend on direct sales to consumers.

Regulation that impedes direct sale of farm fresh products inhibits rural economic prosperity and restricts families from using small scale, low cost, and traditional practices, pressuring producers into business models that lead to increased environmental impact.

Whether you live in an urban or rural area, you can protect your own interests in wholesome food, vital ecosystems, and a vibrant rural landscape when you make your  contribution to Rural Vermont today.”

Invest in clean air, abundant fresh water, enlivened soils, and attractive landscapes – join Carl and make your Rural Vermont contribution today.

Meet Barbara Bruno

Barbara Bruno

She gardens, raises chickens, works at a high-school preparing developmentally-delayed students for adult life, and she’s a Rural Vermont member.

“After breathing air and drinking water, eating is my favorite activity – one that leads toward enjoying life and staying healthy. The ability to feed my family produce, milk, cheese and meat from farms not far from my home in Montpelier is important to me. I’m a member of Rural Vermont because they support the farmers that make my quality of life possible.

I know a young farming couple and I wanted to do more than buy their milk, so I made a gift to Rural Vermont in their honor. I was able to say thank you, for  the milk and for the care put into the product that nourishes me and my family, in that simple way. You can do the same.”

Join Barbara and make your Rural Vermont contribution today or give a Rural Vermont gift in honor of someone who shares Rural Vermont’s belief that family farms and the real food that they provide are the foundation of healthy communities and the social and environmental sustainability we all need to thrive.

Meet Meg Lucas & Barbi Schreiber

Meg Lucas & Barbi Schreiber

They published the much-celebrated magazine Vermont’s Local Banquet and are members of Rural Vermont.

Rural Vermont is one of our favorite advocacy organizations! We were introduced to Rural Vermont in 2002 through our involvement with a group known as GEAG, the Genetic Engineering Action Group. Our fledgling group found a strong partner in Rural Vermont and, under their leadership, we worked on two pieces of GMO legislation at the statehouse. Along the way, we received an immeasurable education in the political process.

And to this day, Rural Vermont is continuously listening to and connecting with their member base by way of the superb educational and outreach events that they sponsor throughout the year, as well through the regular newsletter updates that are not only packed with pertinent info and calls to action, but a delight to read.

If you care about the food that you eat, the folks that produce it, the future of rural communities in Vermont, and ultimately a better world, we hope you will join us today and make your contribution to support this vital organization and the significant work that they are doing.

Join Meg and Barbi and make your Rural Vermont contribution today and be part of the dynamic network of Rural Vermont supporters who are building a better world!

Why do YOU support Rural Vermont?