All Rural Vermont Donations Doubled

Summer 2019

 With the wet, cool spring behind us, we at Rural Vermont are loving the long days, and doing our best to ensure they include plenty of time outside, and a dip in the local swimming hole. Like you, we’re incredibly thankful for the return of warm weather, and we’re equally grateful for the generous support we’ve received over the past year; because of it, we’re stronger, more resilient, and more effective than ever.

Between the sun bathing and creek dipping, we’re working harder than ever to deliver greater equity, transparency, and opportunity to Vermont’s agricultural community, as well as to all those who depend on it for nourishment. We’ve just finished off a successful legislative session, which resulted in meaningful progress for raw milk, on-farm slaughter, and pollinators, to name but a few and we’re remaining vigilant as discussions about farm viability and environmental outcomes work their way through both the ag community and the Statehouse. Read our latest progress reports from the State House and the field here.

Outside the Statehouse, we continue work to build coalitions, and to be sure the voices of Rural Vermont’s constituency ring loud and clear wherever decision makers gather. And we’re incredibly pleased to announce that we’ve increased our capacity by hiring Mollie Wills (a former Rural Vermont staffer that we’re thrilled to welcome back to the fold) to strengthen our field organizing efforts. Additionally, we’ve extended the contract for our incredibly dynamic legislative intern, Caroline Gordon. This critical increase in capacity could not have happened without your support.

Of course, there’s always more to be done. Over the coming months, we’ll be conducting extensive farmer outreach, as we gather input about the critical issues impacting our agricultural community. And with our coalition partners, we’re working to be sure that Vermont becomes a place where healthy soil is revered, pollinators are fully protected, and every Vermonter has equal opportunity to access the farm fresh food of their choosing.

We need your support now! A generous donor has committed $15,000 to match the first $15,000 in contributions; this means that right now, your support in any amount is doubled! If you’re not already a member, please review our membership options and decide what level of support is right for you.

In closing, thank you so, so much for your support. It is a wellspring of motivation for us all, to keep working toward an agricultural future that nourishes all Vermonters, while healing the land we all love so deeply.

In deep and enduring appreciation,

All of us at Rural Vermont

P.S. We’d love to welcome you to our growing circle of sustaining members! Monthly giving means uninterrupted membership status for you and a steady source of support and minimized administrative costs for us! PLUS, sign up for monthly giving by August 31st and receive a limited-edition Make America Graze Again print!  

Become a sustaining member with a monthly gift, and receive this limited-edition print from our beloved friend and artist Erok Gillard!

Become a sustaining member with a monthly gift, and receive this limited-edition print from our beloved friend and artist Erok Gillard!

Mollie Wills